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Recent Faves on Flickr.

Lately I’ve been roaming about and have rediscovered a love for Flickr.

1. If only!, 2. Cloudy, 3. Birds & Flowers Hexagon Set, 4. Metis Sash, 5. Black Quilts, 6. Black Quilts, 7. Spiderweb Block – My Way, 8. A New Pillow, 9. Baby Quilt for Jonathan – Front, 10. PTS 7 – all done…., 11. hst, 12. PTS7 Progress, 13. Green Spinning Stars, 14. Modern Mini Contest at Ellison Lane Quilts, 15. Patchwork bag, 16. Scallop top complete

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Mini quilts.

“Show me a man who cannot bother to do little things and I’ll show you a man who cannot be trusted to do big things.”
Bell, Lawrence D.

I haven’t written too much lately.  Historically that’s not super cool.  Three years ago you wouldn’t have gotten me this close to the holidays without oodles and oodles of pie-infested-meanderings and wistfulness.  These days I’m working, spending time with the boys, stitching and sewing a bit.

Here are some photos of my first mini quilts (can I just say those of two of my favorite words, and not just because I drive a MINI cooper):

I had a little help with the tree quilt, Kale liked touching and talking about the leaves. I was googling quilts one day and came across a horde of tree inspired quilts, it being fall and all I couldn’t help but pull out some felt. I enlisted some help to draw the tree branch and ended up blending both our drawing to come up with the branch. I used some cardboard from an old carnation instant breakfast box, I pinned the felt to it and just trimmed around it. The beauty of felt is that it doesn’t normally fray at the ends. (It does need a bit more caution when you put it down as it’s pretty attracted to lint and dust-maybe it’s just more noticeable on dark felt.) The leaves are scraps that had interfacing on the back, it’s always nice to use something that you’d normally just throw out. I cut drops out and laid them out and stitched them as leaves. If you look closely you’ll see one leaf is blue. I wanted one different. Trees normally aren’t so cookie cutter, so mine isn’t either.

I’m still learning to bind. I ran out of one color so I used two. In retrospect I wish I had used one color for the binding ( and less bright), but it’s done now so I’ll just love it. ūüôā

The other mini quilt I made one afternoon for my niece;  she just had a birthday (last month). Her name is Karma. I thought she’d like a quilt for her doll she got. She seemed pretty happy with it for a few days, I’ll be happy if it doesn’t end up in a yard sale.

I was pretty stoked to find mini quilts are all the rage this month.  ūüôā

Join the mini party. (Click the button to see more amazing mini quilts.)

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I finished my first lap quilt this weekend. I stitched in the ditch & did my first binding, I think I need more practice on the corners but overall was pretty happy with the outcome.

I’m on double call this week so the boys went to CA. Left with a free day this weekend I stitched, ate lemon cake & watched Grays Anatomy. I can’t wait to ship this to my nieces in New Mexico.

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Free patterns.

Check this one out: I is for Indian.

I have many responses to that one, but oddly think it’s sort of¬†pretty.¬† I would one day like to see “Indians” outside of the caricature¬†category.¬† As part of my fellowship at OSU¬†one summer I¬†worked a research project that studied implicit racism-the findings were not surprising, to some degree we associate¬†images of¬†racial groups negatively.¬† I didn’t follow-up¬†with the rest of the research to see how it panned out.¬† I’ve been aware of stereotypes since I was a kid (I think many of us are). I still have some personal problems with ethnic mascots yet they continue despite what we know.

The Pattern Bee also has some freebie embroidery pdfs.  I liked this one.

I hope you’re having a wonderful February.

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links to things-crafts, nibble.

I just discovered Ravelry-an online knitting/crafting community that seems to have some great videos and links to resources, tools and materials.

I rediscovered Not Martha.  Years ago I was an avid reader.  I think I lost the link when was buried under note cards in graduate school.  From a link on her site I found a crafting/sales site called Meyla.

Everyone should know how to make hand-made pop tarts on a stick. Via Craftzine.

I’ve been gradually working on my etsy shop, I’ve had one for 5 years and only once did I list a couple of things.¬† I think it’s time I start using some of my interests and crafting skill to improve other parts of my life. Since I’m fond of bibliotherapy and reading in general-I’m considering ordering The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin.¬† I read the preview on my Nook and believe it has a lot of great tips and practical advice for folks wanting to launch¬†their¬†craft sales.

Other things I’m loving:

¬†Batman-the dude seriously rocks! I can’t believe I grew up Batman episodes and never noticed that he never kills people.¬† I’m very much in love with that concept-fight crime but not kill? Wonderful.¬†

Knitting: there are no words for how much pleasure I’m getting from knitting.¬† Of course none of this would be possible without @eustella.¬† Thank you. ūüôā

Starbucks earl grey lattes. They’re delicious, evil and yes I believe expensive but worth every rabid cent.

Quote: Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal. РAlbert Einstein

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Bits I’ve enjoyed:

I stumbled upon Dana Made It and am loving this dress: http://www.dana-made-it.com/2008/07/warhol-dress-pattern.html

(Makes me wish I had a daughter to sew for.)

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