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Check this out, it cracked me up:


Red Holiday

Kale (my son) has a great love for redheads.  As an infant he didn’t like to have his nails cut.  To bribe him and keep him still, we’d play this video:

He’s met Felicia Day a couple of times, each time he clammed up.  Once he petted her hair.  (I couldn’t find the photos right off or I’d have posted them.)  These days he’s been watching the Iron Man Animated adventures and talks about the Black Widow. I’m not sure where this will go, if anywhere, but it’s cute and funny to watch my son grow.

I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs about the holidays and Christmas.  It’s inspiring and exciting.  I’ve also gotten several of my ornament swap ornaments in and am very glad I did it.  Maybe one day I’ll be a bit more organized and can load/write as well as the rest of you.

For now, here’s a past Santa visit photo.  Image

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A note about Crownpoint, New Mexico

I grew up in a small town in New Mexico.  Little did I know the town was a gold mine of culture and natural wonder. I did a lot of running, walking and hiking as a child and teen.

I always assumed that was normal.  Living in Kansas has led me to believe otherwise. I think I was meant for mesas and mountains.  I miss the sky there. I miss the food.

I think I’m grieving the loss of terrain, friends and work in Arizona and therefore feel temporarily without a sense of peace.

I’ve learned a great deal in Kansas but it doesn’t feel like home.

Crownpoint is in the recent issue of the Navajo Times. Look for the howler article on

The rug auction is happening this weekend :

Enjoy your December everyone.

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Christmas Ornament swap.

I’ve always wanted to get involved in a swap. For a while now I’ve lurked around craftland and watching all these great swaps. By chance there was an ornament swap starting so I jumped in.

I crafted 10 tree ornaments. I used green felt, embroidery thread, buttons, ric rack, some ribbon and a few odds and ends. The felt I used is made from recycled plastic bottles, I love that!  The ornaments came out pretty great.  I originally wanted to machine sew and stuff them but after a few of those I revisited my design and decided to make the rest of them flat.  Making them flat gave me a few more options in terms of decoration.  I machine stitched some parts and closed them up by hand with embroidery thread.  I bought some packing material, it’s not often that I mail ten packages. What’s fun is this swap is also international so I sent a package to Estonia. I’m hopeful that package reaches its intended owner, but to be safe I made a couple of extra trees.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m excited to see what I get in exchange; it will be an exciting month with ornaments coming in the mail (for the swap you mail 10 ornaments and should get 10 back from different people).

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Me: “Kale what do you want for breakfast? Eggs? Waffles?”

Kale: “waffles! Cook them in the dryer mommy.”

That’s how we roll.

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Mini quilts.

“Show me a man who cannot bother to do little things and I’ll show you a man who cannot be trusted to do big things.”
Bell, Lawrence D.

I haven’t written too much lately.  Historically that’s not super cool.  Three years ago you wouldn’t have gotten me this close to the holidays without oodles and oodles of pie-infested-meanderings and wistfulness.  These days I’m working, spending time with the boys, stitching and sewing a bit.

Here are some photos of my first mini quilts (can I just say those of two of my favorite words, and not just because I drive a MINI cooper):

I had a little help with the tree quilt, Kale liked touching and talking about the leaves. I was googling quilts one day and came across a horde of tree inspired quilts, it being fall and all I couldn’t help but pull out some felt. I enlisted some help to draw the tree branch and ended up blending both our drawing to come up with the branch. I used some cardboard from an old carnation instant breakfast box, I pinned the felt to it and just trimmed around it. The beauty of felt is that it doesn’t normally fray at the ends. (It does need a bit more caution when you put it down as it’s pretty attracted to lint and dust-maybe it’s just more noticeable on dark felt.) The leaves are scraps that had interfacing on the back, it’s always nice to use something that you’d normally just throw out. I cut drops out and laid them out and stitched them as leaves. If you look closely you’ll see one leaf is blue. I wanted one different. Trees normally aren’t so cookie cutter, so mine isn’t either.

I’m still learning to bind. I ran out of one color so I used two. In retrospect I wish I had used one color for the binding ( and less bright), but it’s done now so I’ll just love it. 🙂

The other mini quilt I made one afternoon for my niece;  she just had a birthday (last month). Her name is Karma. I thought she’d like a quilt for her doll she got. She seemed pretty happy with it for a few days, I’ll be happy if it doesn’t end up in a yard sale.

I was pretty stoked to find mini quilts are all the rage this month.  🙂

Join the mini party. (Click the button to see more amazing mini quilts.)

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Watch “Silent Night, Holy Night (Apache Lyrics)” on YouTube

Get ready, the holidays are upon us. 🙂

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On having a son.

I was getting ready for work this morning, running around like a mad woman when Kale excitedly says, “I found the sword of Omens!”

I turn to admire the sword and laugh. It was a tampon.




I found this today & figured I should practice what I preach:
1. Start each day with a grateful heart
2. Focus on the positive aspects of energy person you encounter
3. End each day with a grateful heart
Lucy Macdonald

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