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I have been working and (sometimes) running a lot recently.

I find myself working out common hormone, stress and life change ailments in the duration of a run.  Sport fascinates me. Elite athletes amaze me. I’m amazed and terribly humbled by many things daily.  I’m taking this as a suggestion that my spirit is growing and the universe sees fit to continue to drop me to my knees enough to pray and say thank you.

Some people take offense to my belief that the universe, or more specifically the creator, humbles us.  I am not bothered by that. I understand the conflict. I believe for me, as a human, it is my nature to suffer to some extent. Without this challenge I would struggle with my own sense of purpose. Believe me, I’d love it if there were not the case. But, I’m not a holy creature, God or a divine one.  I’m just an aging chick with some challenges. For now this works for me. Years ago I would have felt differently I’m sure.  Years ago I blogged about dating, my father’s alcoholism, being Indian and learning.  Those things are still important, but they are not everything.

By no means do I think or believe the creator does not love me. Nor do I believe that there is an anvil waiting for me to pass under her slippery face.

I think a lot about what I want my son to know about me, to see, to believe.  I want him to learn kindness, courage, when to be brave,patience, and ways to practice kindness.  I feel like the world I live in has much kindness but could use more.  I see reactionary behaviors everyday, people making excuses for shit behavior. I have to walk away sometimes, I’m not a fucking saint. But, the collective hurt, it hurts me. I don’t know understand it. I suppose now is not the time to ponder this, but I’m sharing as an observation.

Anyhow, I digress, I just thought I’d share & say I’m still here, growing, changing, laughing. 

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We moved.


dunkin donuts

We made it back to the desert. It’s been busy and happy.

I’m nervously training for a 5k. I feel slow and tired but my body loves the exercise.

I’ve hiked Piestewa Peak with a friend.

Kale is growing.

I mean to quilt more.

I’ve considered dumping the blog because I rarely post. Most days I’d rather live my day than reflect on it.  I still have periods of missing my grandma terribly, she left this earth 2.5 years ago and the grief doesn’t get easier-you just acclimate.

I like my new job. Most of the time I love it. I hope whomever reads this is well.  🙂


Christmas Ornament swap.

I’ve always wanted to get involved in a swap. For a while now I’ve lurked around craftland and watching all these great swaps. By chance there was an ornament swap starting so I jumped in.

I crafted 10 tree ornaments. I used green felt, embroidery thread, buttons, ric rack, some ribbon and a few odds and ends. The felt I used is made from recycled plastic bottles, I love that!  The ornaments came out pretty great.  I originally wanted to machine sew and stuff them but after a few of those I revisited my design and decided to make the rest of them flat.  Making them flat gave me a few more options in terms of decoration.  I machine stitched some parts and closed them up by hand with embroidery thread.  I bought some packing material, it’s not often that I mail ten packages. What’s fun is this swap is also international so I sent a package to Estonia. I’m hopeful that package reaches its intended owner, but to be safe I made a couple of extra trees.

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I’m excited to see what I get in exchange; it will be an exciting month with ornaments coming in the mail (for the swap you mail 10 ornaments and should get 10 back from different people).

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Me: “Kale what do you want for breakfast? Eggs? Waffles?”

Kale: “waffles! Cook them in the dryer mommy.”

That’s how we roll.

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On having a son.

I was getting ready for work this morning, running around like a mad woman when Kale excitedly says, “I found the sword of Omens!”

I turn to admire the sword and laugh. It was a tampon.

Mini Quilt: Circular Applique – the purl bee






I want to make one.

I hope you’re enjoying your fall. We’ve been gifted a cute pumpkin already. I can’t wait to carve it up.

Kale has been cooking and baking like a pro. I suspect he eats more when he’s involved in the process which is a nice thing.

Be well.

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“out run my gun…”

I heard the acoustic version of this song this morning driving to work, it felt like falling in love (again): 

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I finished my first lap quilt this weekend. I stitched in the ditch & did my first binding, I think I need more practice on the corners but overall was pretty happy with the outcome.

I’m on double call this week so the boys went to CA. Left with a free day this weekend I stitched, ate lemon cake & watched Grays Anatomy. I can’t wait to ship this to my nieces in New Mexico.

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things I’m loving this July.

ivory soap.

There’s something great about the little things. Karl Lagerfield said, “the purpose of life is life.”  Some days I totally get that.  Life for me is a mesh of  my family, my work and the things I enjoy. I love donuts.  I like hearing crickets at night because it means there’s a sense of peace and calm.  There’s nothing like a bbq and the first hot dog. I like a cool shower after a run and waking up to the weekend and it’s possibilities.  I like the way the kid laughs when something catches his fancy.  And smaller things bring me joy-a new body wash (or a refound one), glitter nail polish, cold brew tea, discovering a show (Madmen)  & enjoying it, vacation money, mail, text messages, pictures of my son as a baby, bubble gum, grass in a shoe, lightbulbs. Life is interesting when it’s busy and nice when there are periods when you can savor all the good things.

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