We moved.


dunkin donuts

We made it back to the desert. It’s been busy and happy.

I’m nervously training for a 5k. I feel slow and tired but my body loves the exercise.

I’ve hiked Piestewa Peak with a friend.

Kale is growing.

I mean to quilt more.

I’ve considered dumping the blog because I rarely post. Most days I’d rather live my day than reflect on it.  I still have periods of missing my grandma terribly, she left this earth 2.5 years ago and the grief doesn’t get easier-you just acclimate.

I like my new job. Most of the time I love it. I hope whomever reads this is well.  🙂


One thought on “We moved.

  1. McQueen says:

    missing masani never ceases. acclimating is the best description. mine passed 22 years ago, and there are moments when i miss her still. it definitely makes more compassionate to my elderly patients. the beauty of growing up is you have the will and opportunity to change the course of your life so that the past is not repeated for your children. i hope you keep the blog. i don’t comment often but i do read it. =) i hope the 5k training is coming along well & you are rocking the miles!

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