Red Holiday

Kale (my son) has a great love for redheads.  As an infant he didn’t like to have his nails cut.  To bribe him and keep him still, we’d play this video:

He’s met Felicia Day a couple of times, each time he clammed up.  Once he petted her hair.  (I couldn’t find the photos right off or I’d have posted them.)  These days he’s been watching the Iron Man Animated adventures and talks about the Black Widow. I’m not sure where this will go, if anywhere, but it’s cute and funny to watch my son grow.

I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs about the holidays and Christmas.  It’s inspiring and exciting.  I’ve also gotten several of my ornament swap ornaments in and am very glad I did it.  Maybe one day I’ll be a bit more organized and can load/write as well as the rest of you.

For now, here’s a past Santa visit photo.  Image

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