A note about Crownpoint, New Mexico

I grew up in a small town in New Mexico.  Little did I know the town was a gold mine of culture and natural wonder. I did a lot of running, walking and hiking as a child and teen.

I always assumed that was normal.  Living in Kansas has led me to believe otherwise. I think I was meant for mesas and mountains.  I miss the sky there. I miss the food.

I think I’m grieving the loss of terrain, friends and work in Arizona and therefore feel temporarily without a sense of peace.

I’ve learned a great deal in Kansas but it doesn’t feel like home.

Crownpoint is in the recent issue of the Navajo Times. Look for the howler article on http://www.navajotimes.com

The rug auction is happening this weekend : http://crownpointrugauction.com/

Enjoy your December everyone.

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2 thoughts on “A note about Crownpoint, New Mexico

  1. McQueen says:

    danna, i’m sure crownpoint misses you, too. i am sure our people could benefit from all that you have learned. =]

  2. Jordanna says:

    Thanks. Hopefully one day I can go home. 🙂

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