Christmas Ornament swap.

I’ve always wanted to get involved in a swap. For a while now I’ve lurked around craftland and watching all these great swaps. By chance there was an ornament swap starting so I jumped in.

I crafted 10 tree ornaments. I used green felt, embroidery thread, buttons, ric rack, some ribbon and a few odds and ends. The felt I used is made from recycled plastic bottles, I love that!  The ornaments came out pretty great.  I originally wanted to machine sew and stuff them but after a few of those I revisited my design and decided to make the rest of them flat.  Making them flat gave me a few more options in terms of decoration.  I machine stitched some parts and closed them up by hand with embroidery thread.  I bought some packing material, it’s not often that I mail ten packages. What’s fun is this swap is also international so I sent a package to Estonia. I’m hopeful that package reaches its intended owner, but to be safe I made a couple of extra trees.

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I’m excited to see what I get in exchange; it will be an exciting month with ornaments coming in the mail (for the swap you mail 10 ornaments and should get 10 back from different people).

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