things I’m loving this July.

ivory soap.

There’s something great about the little things. Karl Lagerfield said, “the purpose of life is life.”  Some days I totally get that.  Life for me is a mesh of  my family, my work and the things I enjoy. I love donuts.  I like hearing crickets at night because it means there’s a sense of peace and calm.  There’s nothing like a bbq and the first hot dog. I like a cool shower after a run and waking up to the weekend and it’s possibilities.  I like the way the kid laughs when something catches his fancy.  And smaller things bring me joy-a new body wash (or a refound one), glitter nail polish, cold brew tea, discovering a show (Madmen)  & enjoying it, vacation money, mail, text messages, pictures of my son as a baby, bubble gum, grass in a shoe, lightbulbs. Life is interesting when it’s busy and nice when there are periods when you can savor all the good things.

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