On fathers.

I’ve known my dad all my life. What a great blessing to write that. I can honestly say there was times that I didn’t believe that. Call it stupidity, call it ignorance, call it whatever you want, there were times I didn’t really want to talk to my dad. I wanted to yell. I wanted to throw things.

There were times I did yell. I don’t remember throwing things, but certainly there were threats.

Fortunately, these days and most days of my life, I haven’t wanted anything but good things for my father.

Today is no different. I want happiness for him. My dad is a simple dude. I watch commercials this time of the year and laugh, buy my dad a grill? No way, he’s already made one (out of an old barrel) for himself that he happily lugs around when there’s a cookout.

Buy my dad a tie? I think he’d say thank you and inside wonder if I was crazy, lost my mind or had drunk  too much. I don’t know too many Indians that wear ties. I don’t know that I’ve ever appreciated a tie. Then again,growing up no one in my hometown wore ties unless they were going to prom.These days I see photos of skins online wearing ties so somewhere some Indians are wearing ties, but not my dad.

Today I’m just glad. I’m glad I got 31 one years with my dad and that he’s still just a phone call away. Further, I’m glad Kale has his dad and he knows he’s loved.

There isn’t anything more important than that today.

The photo is from a couple of years ago.  I realized in looking through photos I need to take more photos of my dad, he tends to be elsewhere when the camera is out.  (Often he’s behind the camera making sure all the kids get in the picture.)

So, today and about 300 other days in the year I’m thankful for my dad who taught me to bait a hook, to spit and run at the same time, to gather corn pollen, the real meaning of prayer and friendship, how to spot a child molester (he had a handshake theory that I still believe) and what it means to be patient.  I can’t say that I’ve mastered all his lessons, but I learn something every time we’re together. Thanks Dad.


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