April winds.

Iron Man in his Bleeding Edge armor. Cover art...

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It’s been windy the last few days.  So windy that I’ve thought a few times that I would just blow away.  (I haven’t.)

We’ve been getting along well.  I’ve been sick this week and am thankful that today is my last day of a z-pack. Work is going well, the drive is tiresome but I’m hoping it gets easier as times goes along.  I still don’t know if I’ll get to do some work locally.  I try not to think about it and just takes things day by day.  Kale is growing so much. He’s such a big boy most days.  He runs around, tells me silly stories about Iron Man and Wolverine and jumps. He’s so vibrant, charming and funny-he amazes me.

Of course as soon as I opened up this post, he woke up from a nap.  🙂 Sometimes we’re lucky and the days of full of great things.


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