Make your own body scrub.

For years I’ve spent money and precious time buying and testing various body scrubs.  Some of them I used, loved and even kept the container thinking it would replenish itself. (Magical thinking anyone?)  Other scrubs (hideous “almond” scented dollar store scrub) I used once and threw away a year later because I realized if I hadn’t used it by then I was never going to. 

It’s winter here in Kansas.  Winter here has my family exceptionally dry.  Every evening I complain around that my skin is dry and itchy. Lately I’ve used lotion like it’s crack.  I  read online that exfoliation was helpful.  (I’m still testing this theory.) And frankly there’s nothing like a good scrub.

Along the line, I came across Ready Made’s post about how to make your own body scrub. The article sounds lovely, I could almost smell the lavender goodness. So, I get to working and realize I don’t have all the ingredients listed.  I wasn’t going to give up so easily.  Kale was still napping so I noodled around online and came up with some other links.

Turns out making your own body scrub isn’t all that hard or complicated.  A scrub essentially consists of three things-an exfoliant, a carrier oil and fragrance.  I read a few other sites that listed salt or sugar as recommended exfoliants.

Here’s the thing, I act like Superwoman but I have sensitive skin.  I didn’t want to create a small disaster or anything that necessitated a trip to the ER.  One site mentioned using baby oil as a carrier oil.  I came up with a  Ginger Brown Sugar body scrub.


  • Brown Sugar- one cup
  • Baby Oil-1/3 of a cup
  • Essential oil-20 drops
  • Glass jar-just make sure it’s big enough to hold your stuff

I mixed one cup of brown sugar with 20 drops of ginger essential oil.  I used a plastic fork to mix the sugar and oil. Once the oil and sugar were mixed (infuse that sugar!) I added enough baby oil to coat the sugar.  The recommendation was for 1/3 of a cup but I didn’t want to use my cooking cups so I eyeballed it.  If you’ve used scrubs in the past, you’ll know that some extra oil never hurt anyone. I got the skeleton for the recipe from Home Made Gifts Made Easy.

I’d certainly recommend making your own body scrub.  It’s cheap, easy and welp-you can change the scent and consistancy if you like.  It would also make a nice gift to give someone.  All you need are the basic ingredients and a pretty glass jar to keep the scrub in.  I used an old Tostito‘s glass and put some in a Gerber jar for my sister-in-law to try.  She said the scrub was good. 

made by Danna.

 To further test it’s durability I left some out for a few days to see if it gotracid or changed in texture or consistancy-it didn’t but I’d still keep in a cool dry place when you aren’t using it to prevent mold. Furthermore, I wouldn’t keep the batch around for too long.  But, if you love it-you’ll use it all.


One thought on “Make your own body scrub.

  1. Valerie says:

    Such a fun idea 🙂 Definitely going to have to try it myself!!

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