Time, it’s running away.

We moved!  Those two words alone summarize the month of December.  Kansas is, well it’s different.  It’s pretty cold for one.  And, it’s pretty nice for us to be near the BC’s.  Kale misses his friends and school (daycare), but otherwise seems pretty happy.  He’s enjoyed spending time with his cousins and adores his grandmother, his baby (“my baby”), and his aunt. 

I’m working on a job.  I’m trying to be optimistic, but it seems likes it’s taking a while.  Things move at a slower pace here than I’m used to.  There isn’t a Starbucks around the corner, no cars racing around the corners and no painted rock.  There are some kind folks, lots of farms and family. 

In other news, I found the local quilters shop and was fortunate enough to do a mystery quilt with them on New Year’s Day.  It was the perfect start to a crafty new year.  I haven’t finished the quilt-my machine is botched, but plan to once I can. 

Kale & I have been going to mommy and me story time at the local library.  So far we’ve been the only ones, hopefully that’ll change soon.  There isn’t much else for a nearly 2 year old to do in town but next year he might get to start preschool early for half a day.  I think he’ll enjoy that and I’ll feel less bad about moving him from his friends.

Other than that I’ve been crafting here and there and unpacking.  We finally got our living room looking more like a living space and less like storage.  Our internet signal is patchy, but we should have our own service soon.


  • I’ve eaten lots of great meals at the BC cafe (my mother-in-law is a great cook).
  • I found the local bike path that I can go running on once the snow clears up.
  • I’m liking the snow.  Kale keeps trying to throw little snow balls at me.
  • Book Recommendations: I read Cecelia Ahern’s Thanks for the Memories, it was pretty good.  The follow up book however was pretty disappointing, it didn’t have very solid characters and didn’t seem as well plotted.  A book I’d recommend buying is David Small’s Stitches.  It’s a graphic memoir-and it’s amazing, beautiful and at times sad (but there’s a good ending).  I’m also enjoying the wisdom found in The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin.  The book has a lot of great tidbits for crafters wanting to take their work to the streets or online and make a bit of cash. 
  • I’m listening to Debbie MacComber’s Mrs. Miracle and so far it’s reasonable.

One thought on “Time, it’s running away.

  1. EBDW says:

    YEY! Glad to see you blog again! keep me posted on your craftiness! Happy New Year!

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