Pen pal.

I love snail mail.  My mother is one of the few people who I still get mail from.  Usually she writes letters about what’s happening at home and things she’s interested in, books she read or shows she’s watching.  I love finding a pretty envelope with a quick note or long letter in it.   Before her arthritis got really bad my grandmother and I use to write to one another. Now that she’s passed, I wish I had all of our old letters, but I don’t.  What I do have is the great memory of all the times I opened my college mail box or got a crisp 20 dollar bill with the note: go to the movies or a package of oreos and a letter.

I came across Indie Fixx today and discovered there’s a pen pal google group.  I promptly joined and amd hopeful that  I get a pen pal (or 6!).  It’s nice to know there are folks who have similar interests.

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3 thoughts on “Pen pal.

  1. Susana says:

    I feel exactly the same, always as if I could have written from my own experience what you have just shared. There is nothing more exciting that receiving a letter in the mail. Also, I had a similar experience in college, my godmother used to send me once a month a letter that included a $20 bill and a message that stated “Enjoy a good hamburger and fries. Get a break from the ‘tasty’ dinning hall food.” It was wonderful…

  2. The Sentimental One says:

    As crazy as it may sound, we should pen pal. The last time I had a penpal was when we wrote to veterans back in the good ole days in highschool. Let me know!

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