2010 NN election.

For some reason I’m really excited about the 2010 Navajo Nation Presidential election.  Today was the primary election.  I didn’t get to vote.  In years past I’ve been able to go to the Phoenix Indian Center to vote but today I called and the gal told me nothing was happening.  So, I complained around a bit online and I printed the absentee ballot request so I don’t miss the general in November.

This year there are two women running.  One is from my home town. She used to serve in the state senate.  One year in high school I was her page for a day.  The only thing significant about that day was the smell of coffee and meeting a very short and very greasy Wes Studi who was wearing a purple suit.  I don’t think I knew Indians wore colored suits until that day. Fine, I had never seen a colored suit period.


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