I haven’t had much to write.  That’s not true, I’ve had plenty to write, but I just didn’t want to read it later.  Who wants to read about how hard it was to be on a  blended/liquid diet for so many days and how terrible it was to get strep after having surgery and then the topper-the antibiotics made/are making me sick. 

See-not fun. Not fun to think about, not fun to read and not fun to write.

I must say, I’m losing faith.  I’ve missed too much work for my taste.  There are piles of dirty laundry, ok a small pile (that would be there sick or not). The sum: I don’t like this.

I’m struggling to find grace and meaning in this.  But maybe there isn’t any.  Maybe it just is what it is-shitty bad luck and when it’s over-I move on.  In the mean time, I’ll stuff my face with refried beans, ding dongs and hot tea.  All healthy recovery foods right?

The upshot is I caught up on Weeds and made another couple of felt donuts.  And I’ve lost weight.  I joked that maybe the universe was just trying to get me ready for bikini season. Maybe. 😀

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