Making paper snowflakes.

It’s the holiday season.  I love the holidays.  I’m a sucker for ornaments, trees, glittery wrapping paper, surprises, cookies and other randomly good things this time of the year brings.  I think Christmas really appeals to my inner child.  I get great joy from seeing a well wrapped gift.  I embrace the pleasure from a cup of fancy chai hot tea or cocoa-the result is unsurpassed when it’s cold outside.

It’s been a long and complicated year filled with many, many wonderful things.  This is going to be my first Christmas as a parent and Kale’s very first Christmas.  Being pregnant isn’t the same as being a mother.  Just in time, Kale now says ma-ma (not just when he’s distressed or wants something).  Hearing him speak and watching him grow and explore fills my heart.  I feel like the Grinch who realizes only too late that his chest is too small to hold the wonder and delight in life.

I don’t have much to say about the holidays except that I’m happy, grateful, blessed and glad. I do miss my grandmother, but I know part of her lives in me and in Kale.  Every time I see a box of chocolates I think of getting her one as she often did for me and I miss her more.  I sometimes will think of her and without control will begin to cry softly.  Sometimes it turns to sobbing, but I’m always mindful that she did love me and she had a good life. 

Happy Holidays, I hope you have much to appreciate and enjoy in your life.

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