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I haven’t spoken to one of my best friends in weeks.  In fact, the last time I spoke to her I was pacing the floors at the Crownpoint IHS trying to come to grips with the weeks to come. We occasionally send text messages or have binge phone conversations where we try to cover the last month or two in a matter of minutes or hours.  But, when you live in different cities (and for a while different states) and you have small children-it gets harder and harder to make time to connect.  At least that’s the excuse I give myself. It becomes an issue of: out of sight, out of mind.  I think of her often.  I used to email her frequently, but responses were always hit or miss, sometimes she had time to reply, other times nothing or a short one liner. 

I get it.  I have an almost 9 month old, if I got too distracted, I look up and he’s found a piece of paper that he’s happily sucking into a mushy pulp, his hands are dirty and his pacifer and a sock are no where to be found.  Small children require a lot of attention and mindfulness. 

So do friendships.  You get what you invest in relationships.  If you don’t make time for them, they become less appearent.  Even those friendships with seemingly tight close bonds.  It helps to check in regularly and to call when you can.  I’d like behave better as a friend, I bet it would help me.  I also need to let other friendships go.  I say I will, but those people pop up and I drop things and move things hopeful that we’ll see one another only to find myself waiting.  When people care, they don’t make you wait and they don’t forget you. 

Unrelated but wonderful:

Today my husband turns 28.  Happy Birthday peanut.  I hope this year is a better year for you than the years before.  I wish for gentle and kind things for you. May your comic boxes be full, your gas tank chronically refilled (because you’re taking fun road trips) & I’m excited for the day when your photo albums are bursting at the seams.  Kale and I love you and we’re glad you’re in our life. Kale said dad before he said mommy this week-clearly he was mindful of your birthday. Bunches.

Things I’ve read today:

Germans speak out about Obama’s Nobel prize.

List of Nobel prize winners, 2009.

Google announces they will launch ebook reader.

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