words I don’t like..part I.

I’ve never liked the word initiate.  I also don’t like the word initiative. Procrastinating very necessary, but very boring paperwork I started snooping around online.  I started here, moved here and landed here. If you look closely, there’s an ad for a meth initiative, which takes you here. 

One word: bravo.  Congratulations, now when Native Americans (or Indians) see the ad, they’re going to stop using meth.  Because the ad, the ad will stop all their problems.  By seeing young Natives posing and looking healthy, the addicts will suddenly drop their pipes, start taking care of their children, get their GEDs, turn down welfare & rush to the prairies (or desert) and begin the good life nature intended.

The problem with the word initiative is that nothing gets done.  Intention is worthless.  Money and precious time is spent thinking, talking and philosophizing and nothing happens.  There are pretty posters probably plastered all over the local Indian Health Services, WIC offices and DES offices. To me, it’s half hearted.  It’s empty like my grandmother’s savings account.  It’s like saying, “I want to be skinny.”  Great, now what are you doing to be less fat, or for those half full people-more skinny?

I realize I’m being facetious, hell, I’m being a jerk.  But, at some point someone has to call bullshit.  Awareness is great.  Intervention and prevention is 600 times better.  Posters don’t stop behavior.  Posters can maybe scare up some 2 year olds waiting for their mother to get her medication, but they’re not going to the stop the 16 year, the 28 year old who lives with his grandmother and has never had a job or the 48 year old who is trying for the 2nd time this year to be declared both disabled and mentally ill because of his addiction.  If I run across one of those posters-I’ll happily add it to my pile of kindling for a bbq.

Now, go google h1n1.



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