Brief (very brief).

It’s been a very busy and hot few weeks in the Saunders-BC household.

We’ve finally got things moved over and about 70% unpacked.  Baby Kale has acclimated to having his Aunt watch him and has adjusted to the move.  He’s thriving and just started sleeping 6 hours in a row.  I’m hoping the trend continues.  Every day he grews tremendously and surpasses my understanding & expectations of an infant. 

He’s a funny fellow and enjoys humor.  Unless he’s starving or has a poopy diaper he wakes up happy and ready to start the day with some playing and chattering.  This morning he wanted to crawl over me and kept pulling himself towards me.  He isn’t crawling yet, but I suspect it’s right around the corner.  He’s quite agile and does summersaults in his crib.  I call him my acrobat because I have to keep a firm grasp on him or he’ll jump out of my hands to grab his bottle or something else he wants. 

His aunt walks him around by his hands/arms-this morning I followed suit and the little fellow lead me around and out of the bedroom.  He got tired in the hallway, so I’m not sure what his original destination was, but I was happy to have been taken on the trip.  It’s strange to think how small he was before and how small he still is (but big!) and how mobile he is now. 

He’s noticing everything.  It’s all unique and interesting to him. The other day I was putting the convertible top up and he was watching the car.  I was watching him as his eyes scanned the car.  When it was done, he looked at the key and me and smiled.  Today he discovered the light switch and pulled at it.  A few days ago it was the sink/faucette.  Everyday he explores a hundred different things and takes our life in with his senses.  It’s such an amazing journey and exciting to rediscover the world with him.

I still enjoy watching him sleep.  I still can’t quite believe how beautiful and precious he is.  Every time I hear babies crying in the lobby I think of him and hope he’s happy at home with his Aunt while I’m at work.

We’re getting married next month.  I seems like the summer came from the sky.  I remember being pregnant and complaining it was cold in my office. Now it’s hot and I want to wear shorts every where.

I’m looking forward to the week off we have and the time in California.  I love the ocean and the beach culture.  If I wasn’t such a lizard, I’d move and live in a small pad near the water.  (Maybe when we’re older and Kale is in college.)


In other news, a online friend of mine has a blog online that he just sent me the link to. 

Richard is an architect and is Navajo.  We both graduated from the U of A and share an appreciation for our culture, the land, running and our babies.  Visit his blog at:


The idiot of the month award goes to the optometrist who after I complained about my previous contacts being dry & expereincing the same with the new ones said to me: “move to Hawaii, it’s humid there.” Yeah, thanks for the advice.  So, my contacts are still dry and it’s all due to the Arizona heat. 


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