MI conference encourages self awareness.

Career related:

I recently attended a Motivational Interviewing training in Tucson held at the Veteran’s Administration.  I was quiet happy to be given the opportunity to go.  (What’s even better is that my employer covered enrollment/travel costs.) Robert Rhodes, PhD was the presenter/trainer and he did an excellent job of explaining the theoretical and technical aspect of MI.  He gave a great deal of examples using reality television and recorded client sessions/interviews.  I enjoyed his use of media (visual, audio clips, photos, power point), his humor and straight forward teaching style. 

Attending the training really catapulted my interest in using MI with my clients, I especially enjoyed the client center language.  I’m a big believer in social constructionism and would like to be more practical and intentional about my use of language not only in my counseling practice, but in my life in general.  I all too often use easy, over-simplified terms and concepts to explain things when a little more time and effort would yield better and true understanding and improve communication. 

To purchase training materials by R. Rhodes: Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy

Another great outcome of the training was spending time networking with VA social workers, another Native American Counselor (a rarity) and therapists from my employer’s other sites that I don’t get to see often.  It was nice to have a day devoted to learning and improving skill sets and thinking creatively about ways to support client success and efficacy. 

Other news:

We’re 99% moved into the new house.  I’m so happy.  Today the gas gets switched on-no cold shower tomorrow! 

On the down side, my ex lives down the street.  I had the misfortune of seeing him yesterday as I was turning down our street with a load of odds and ends.  It’s sad when you realize that you can go from loving and adoring someone to feeling sick to your stomach when you see them.  If he wasn’t an abusive jerk, we would have made good friends.  That’s akin to saying-if I wasn’t allergic to melon, I’d eat it.  However, I am grateful for the experiences, strife makes for change, change is good.

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