post 67.

I haven’t had the motivation to blog, desire yes, motivation no.  On the upshot, I finally started exercising.  It’s my latest greatest guilty pleasure.  The irony is that a day after I started exercising someone asked me if I was pregnant.  Uh, hell no.  I’m just fat and I can’t use the, “I just had a baby” excuse because the guy is 15 weeks old, old enough for me to get my butt on a treadmill.

It feels like baby fever, we know a lot people who have just had, are having or want children.  It’s pretty cool & very indicative of the phase of life we’re in.  I keep hoping for more males of Kale’s general age so he’ll have some play mates.  So far, the babies are mostly female with a couple of male kids we don’t see all that often. (Yes, he can play with the baby girls.)

Work has been pretty uneventful, but good.

Also, we’re moving in a couple of weeks.  We’re renting a nice 3 bedroom 1.5 bath house with a super cute yard.  I can’t wait, it’ll be nice to have the extra space and privacy.  If the place works for us, we’ll eventually buy.  Either way, home ownership is in our future.

Of note, today is Kale’s last day at daycare.  I’m pretty happy about it.  Although, I do like the socialization-it’s been very interesting to see his development and interaction with other little people.  I had no idea that they understood basic norms such as sharing, comforting and even jealousy.  I feel really lucky to be able to share his life and watch him as he explores and learns about the world.

Occasionally seeing him with the other babies makes my ovaries knock and I think, “we should have another baby!”  However, my logical reasoning takes over and I remember that thinking was what got me knocked up in the first place and yes-it is the most awesomemest, wonderful, interesting, challenging, rewarding, uncomparable event to ever occur in my life-but, I’m not ready for another kid.  I told Michael to talk to me on Kale’s second birthday and we’ll see how I feel then. 

Yesterday morning Kale got up at 5am.  He ate, pooped and played.  It was the first day he was able to pull a toy on his little chair thingy (you like that-I’ve got more fancy descriptions..) to make it play music and put it in his mouth.  Everything goes in the mouth-his fist, my arm, his binkie, his blanket, the sheet & his toys.  He’s also gaining good hand manipulation-he can open and close both hands enough to hold things and he’s starting to coordinate them-so he grabs things and moves them or hits them.  He’s also got good leg strength-I suspect we’ll have a moving baby very soon. 

He’s lost his baby cry.  Other mothers/fathers will know what I’m talking about.  One day I just realized he had a big boy cry.  He cries very little at home, he prefers to whine and complain around.  When he does cry, it’s because he doesn’t want his pamper changed or is very tired and needs to lie down (right now!).

Also, I must say, I’m very grateful that the first three months have passed.  I seriously don’t know how people do it.  Kale right now compared to him being a very new little squirt-holy shit.  Parents don’t talk about that.  New parents-it’s a big, big adjustment.  Go ahead, read all about it, nothing can prepare you for it but the experience of it.  Just remember, it will all pass.  And you are not alone.  And yes, it’s totally ok to call all your parent friends and talk about how excited you are that your baby doesn’t have gas today and slept for like 4 hours straight!  They will get it.

Also, sleep deprivation makes you hungry and you feel drunk.  So, catch some naps, eat good food and gets some exercise.  The baby will be fine if you let his dad, or aunt watch him while you go to yoga or cook something instead of ordering out or heating up something that would kill a panda and miraculously hasn’t killed you yet. 

And yes, my first mother’s day rocked.  I got a robohamster and some really thoughtful and adorable gifts from my BC boys.  That said, I have to get back to work.  I blogged today because someone said I needed to. 

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