quick list.

  • We switched day cares-today is his first day at this one; it’s only about 2 minutes from the house/my job.  I’m very much looking forward to My 2oth when his aunt comes into town for the summer and will be watching him. The other day care really pissed me off.  The left him crying and cold a lot and one day when I picked him up-he had some blood on his nose and when I called them to ask about it-they didn’t know what I was talking about.  Furthermore-they kept 2 pacifiers, his nursery water and the pacifier holder.  I’m only missing the pacifier holder because it was one I bought in college and was sentimental about it. I’d drive back to the place, but it’s very out of the way and I don’t have anything nice to say to them & I’m sure it wouldn’t end well.
  • I’m finally starting to feel like I’m acclimating to work and things at home.
  • I’ve been eating a lot of junk-McDonald’s, carbs, chocolate and craving beef burritos.  I blame the hormonal flux, changes and general desperation because for the last few months I ate pureed and soft foods.
  • The bad eating has not helping me transition back into my pre-pregnancy clothing.
  • Fortunately, I got a couple of capris/shirts at Goodwill this weekend-all for 10 bucks, I love good bargains and 50% off Saturdays.
  • I  have the desire to exercise but when I get home, I’m exhausted and find the couch and spending time with the boys more appealing. The couch keeps winning and every day I complain that nothing fits and I feel chubby and still look pregnant-vicious cycle.  Yes, I’m vain & I don’t want people asking me if I’m expecting another kid.
  • We were sick this last week.  I got a stuffy head cold, then Michael caught it.  We think Kale brought it home, but it could have been me through work. 
  • I still fantasize about staying home with Kale.
  • I have about 14-17 more months before I can apply for my independent license. 
  • Last week in Fry’s I was juggling the baby, my bowling purse and a chicken; a random woman behind me grabbed the chicken from my hands and chatted me up about Kale and going back to work post-baby.  It was very nice of her to hold my chicken, but also very weird.
  • Speaking of weird, last week at work in the public bathroom someone asked if I worked here, I said yes, then they proceeded to tell me about their “sweaty pants.”  I couldn’t figure out how any of it was relevant or necessary for me to know.
  • I’m still addicted to Animal Crossing.
  • I also want another tattoo.  Last week I went with a friend as she got another one.  It was nice to get out and spend time with her and talk about how things are going, etc.
  • I’m looking forward to my friend moving from Missouri to Arizona this summer.
  • I’m also excited about July, we’re vacationing in California for a week and probably going to bump up our wedding plans.
  • I’m still avoiding my mom’s calls.  She calls about twice a week.  I still have nothing to say to her.  It’s passive-aggressive, but I don’t want to answer just to make excuses about why I don’t want to talk to her.  I’m worried she’ll get dramatic and show up on my door one of these days demanding to see her grandson and faking concern.
  • I’m considering volunteering at one of Valley Crisis Nurseries, but I’m worried my roller coaster hormones will get in the way.
  • We need to make a trip to the rez to introduce Kale to my grandmother, I’m thinking sometime next month.
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