Day two of daycare.

So far, I’m very unimpressed.  But, I can’t tell if it’s because I’m a skeptical, neurotic person by nature or because daycare is very overrated for what that actually do & my expectations were higher going in. I read all those stupid books they make you read and sign talking about how they’ll stimulate your baby, etc, etc.  And well, it looked like a bunch of drooling and sitting around to me.

Yesterday I went to pick Kale up and found him wearing a Santa bib.  We do not own a Santa bib.  It was nice of them to cover him with a giant bib, however, he was already wearing a bib and I had packed back up clothes (including a bib) for him.  It made me think they were trying to keep him clean and too lazy to change his clothes if he got dirty. 

One of my parenting mottos is that kids get dirty.  And, I don’t like him wearing other people’s clothing. Then I wondered what else they did.  Because that’s how my mind works.  I’m paying strangers to watch my kid hoping they’ll bond with him and care for him the way I would.  That’s where everyone will ultimately fail.  I know this, I know they’ll fall short because of the way I am.  It has nothing to do with them or their capability, but the standard of what I’m willing to accept, especially for my child is pretty high. I figure I’m paying these people to do some pretty basic things-feed him, keep him clean/dry and play with him.  He doesn’t need much more than that.  The rest is my job. 

However, he was alive, safe and fed.  He looked dopey lying on the mat with a herd of other infants in various stages of development around him.  Some were crawling (most), some were lying and others were fiending for attention.  I was kind of proud that he wasn’t screaming his guts out and was peacefully starting at the ceiling.  One of the daycare workers said he was “playing.”  I had to laugh quietly to myself, I’ve never considered lying on ones back playing-but maybe she’s right.  But, he had just eaten and napped for 3 hours previously.  (Seriously, he never naps that long for me at home during the day-I got paranoid they were drugging him.)

So, today is day two.  If I can get out of here early enough, I’m zipping down to pick him up & scope the place out for more signs of substandard care.  I suspect I’ll always be this way.  And damn it, I think that’s ok. 

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