• I just got off the phone with several people who have their hands in my pockets every month.  I’m embarrassed to say that I financed about a third of my graduate education with credit cards and the suckers have been slowly eating away at my income.  I’m finally starting to make some headway and some of my interest rates are starting to budge, but it’s a long and very painful way to do anything.  I don’t recommend anyone handle their finances so poorly.  In retrospect if I knew it was going to take so long and cost so much I would have taken longer to finish school.
  • I really wish in college or better yet in high school someone had taught me about credit & introduced the concept of a mortgage.  Everyone I knew on the rez got their housing from the Tribe or bought a trailor.  Mortgages weren’t the norm.
  • I want to buy a house, so the sooner I get the cards paid off, the sooner I can try to convince a lender to give me/us a mortgage.
  • I’ve also get some new bills to juggle: medical bills, daycare, formula.  I won’t be buying any junk in the next few months until we acclimate to the shift in our finances.
  • Despite how stressful it can feel, I still feel really lucky and grateful.  I have a great job.  My child is healthy.  I’m healthiER.  (I can eat!  My future husband loves me and I know he’d happily go without so the baby and I can be comfortable.  (Not that I’d ever want him to.) I have supportive co-workers and an awesome boss.  I have good friends.  We have a cozy and loving home.
  • Having a baby = totally worth it. 
  • Kale got a new swing yesterday.  He loves it.  I love it.
  • Today I got my first voicemail from Kale and his dad.  It’s super adorable.  I need to figure out how to record it, so I don’t lose his babbling and forget how wonderful it is to be a part of his growth and development.
  • I found a daycare that I think will take great care of my son; however they have a wait list so we’re looking for something until then.  They have a sister center that we can enroll Kale in, but I don’t like the place as much and am hoping we find another place until he gets into our first choice.
  • I’ve had headaches every day the last couple of weeks.  I think it’s time to get back on allergy medication. 


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