almost 8 weeks.

Kale is growing so rapidly it feels like we’ve been sucked into a mama-baby vacuum & I don’t quite know what happened to the time.  He’s a very content and appears to be a humorous baby.  Every morning he greets me with a smile despite whether he’s gassy or has a wet diaper (usually both).  He still enjoys snuggling and has outgrown many of his newborn onesies.  He’s a very simple guy.  He doesn’t like to be dressed in too many layers on him and prefers to lounge in onesies and a pamper.  He doesn’t like blankets either.  I’m always trying to cover him only to have him kick off his blanket and lay his feet/legs over them as if to sarcastically declare, “there mom, go ahead, try it..” 

His eyes are still blue/grey.  I keep hoping I’ll see what he’s going to look like when he’s done cooking, but he’s got a few more surprises in store for me. He’s also gained a bit of weight and I believe has gotten longer.  

The BC’s were here last week for Spring Break, it was nice to have people around the house to talk with and eat with.  I’ve gotten over my phase of cabin fever and now am hunkering down feeling the last of my maternity/medical leave slip through my fingers.  Now the hunt for a decent day care is on.

And this I must say:  If you have anything unsavory to say about daycare, keep it to yourself.  For some reason people feel the need to preface things with, “I never..” (bottle fed, put my child in daycare, etc, etc.)  Frankly, I don’t care.  What’s right for my family isn’t what works for other people. 

Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about social service programs and find myself resenting them and resenting the people who abuse them.  (I’ve also been reading about octomom..)

I grew up poor.  But the difference was my grandmother and my siblings/cousins and I had to work for everything. Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean we should sit around and use other people’s money.

  • That being said, I hate Obama’s, ‘they’re rich, they don’t need their money’ mentality.
  • I think I’m a capitalist.
  • I also think there are way too many children born to people who can’t take care of them.
  • I’m both glad and missing that Kale is no longer a newborn.
  • I’m looking forward to his gas phase passing.
  • His first sound was a growl.  I totally have a boy child.
  • My new favorite photo of Kale.
  • Speaking of which, he’s in love with his crib mobile, they just met today.

I start work on the 1st.  I have a hodgepodge of emotion about it: happiness, sadness, nervousness, anxiety, fear, etc.  I’m trying not to think about it.  That being said, the kid is making the mom pick me up sounds.  Back to our nesting.

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