mixed bag

  • Percocet really, really sucks.  I tried to get off it yesterday and was met with painful disappointment-I spent 4 hours pacing our apartment crying and generally in discomfort as Michael and my mom tried to console me because I took 2 tylenol and had to wait for it to process in my system before I could take a percocet.  So I’m back on it and trying to combat nausea and a sense of random disorientation by eating every 2-3 hours and drinking lots of fluid.
  • My parents are in town, oddly it’s turning out to be a better visit than I anticipated.
  • My dad got Kale his cradle board, it was the one thing I asked for after my cradle board “mysteriously” disappered.  Photos up
  • Kale is getting bigger and chubbier by the day. He’s also very strong now and kicks frantically-which is not good when you’ve got 6 incision sites on your abdomen.  
  • I also have a nice rash all over my tummy from the surgical tape and whatever they used during the procedure.  I tried to use the rash to make an argument to Michael that i’m allergic to percocet and should be given something else, the man knows way too much about meds and medical procedures, he didn’t buy it..
  • Sleeping while sitting up isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, especially when that’s the only way to avoid pain and to keep me on a low dose of meds.
  • Eating still rocks.
  • This morning my dad made spam and potatoes, it was very good. 
  • This evening my mom is making her famous chicken chili casserole, I’m so excited.  Right now they’re at the swap meet.  I think it’s funny that there’s about 10 malls around here and they want to go to the “flea market” to look for tools for my dad.
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