random quick entry.

  • I have surgery scheduled for next week.  Oddly, I’m still excited about it.  The prospect of solid foods is enough for me to look forward to getting sliced open.
  • I’m also slightly intrigued by this: my surgeon’s office asked if i wanted to participate in a pain study, doing so entitled me to 200 bucks.  I said sure, why not.  Mama might get some new shoes! (And diapers, and gas..)
  • Today Kale & I went to work, my delightful co-workers threw us a lunch baby shower.  It was very nice.  Everyone was in good spirits and they got some cute things for Kale.  I feel lucky to work with such a caring batch of people.  The shower was scheduled for a few weeks ago, but Kale was born early and we had to postpone it.  
  • It was super adorable to see everyone interact with Cheeto.  I can’t imagine having been pregnant and working anywhere else, I work with such a supportive group of people.
  • I’ve been having headaches every day.  I’ve also developed what looks like a rash on my face.  My skin has been dry since I left the hospital three weeks ago.  I thought the symptoms were related to had a baby and my body acclimating in general.  However, yesterday to prep for the surgery I did a phone screening with a nurse-she looked up my medications and told me the headaches are probably a side effect.  She also said the medication causes tissue dehydration or something to that effect.  I was like-ok, that makes sense, so it’s not just some random thing that’s happening.  I’m pretty psyched about getting off the meds. They also cause blurry vision-but I knew about that before I came home, so I didn’t freak out too much about it.
  • My kid loves his car carrier.  Michael thinks it’s the positioning-it helps him expel gas.  He must also associate it with movement as he tends to be calm and snooze when he’s in the car.
  • Michael has been tremendously receptive and supportive when it comes to how I’m feeling and acclimating to being at home with our baby.  I’m very grateful to have him and glad that he listens and supports us. 
  • I really want to watch a movie.  We’re going to the drive-in this weekend, I can’t wait. 
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