field trips.

I’ve been taking the kid out in public to run errands.  It has been both exciting and well, time consuming.  Life with child is significantly more complicated.  Got to pee?  Try some creative planning, I found it’s best to go before you have a cart full of things, 2 of which you need, the rest, well, they found their way in there.  I mean I know I’m totally going to make that I NEED the material.  (I came home & realized I also have about 14 other projects that I could be working on, but no, I needed a new one.)

I read some Vonnegut last night and a bit about the first two months of life.  The night before I pulled out my developmental psych book, I was curious about the timeline for the beginning of speech. I have some time to wait, but I swore the other day the kid cooed and made a sound that sounded a lot like the beginning of speech.  However, it could have been background noise from Desperate Housewives.  

Speaking of tv-I’m a bit creeped out that I’ve started watching so much of it and know what time trashy shows come on now.  I’ve also been watching Law & Order, CSI, Top Chef, some mudbogging show on a man channel and The Real Housewives of Orange County.  I think I’ve been conditioned to deal with drama and random crap on a daily basis so that now I’m not at work-I’m looking for something to fill that space.  Daytime and early morning television isn’t cutting it, unlike work-not much gets resolved on tv.

I need to go to the library and check out some more books.  I also need to put gas in my car, wash it and take some forms to my surgeon to fill out so I can try to squeeze some cash from my employer/insurance.  Back to my regularly scheduled slackerdom/resting while Michael plays with and takes care of our adorable kid.

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One thought on “field trips.

  1. sandi says:

    Okay I finally figured out how to make comments on your blog. LOL

    When my girls were born I watched hours and hours of crap. I loved it when they woke up in the middle of the night so I could watch Viva la Bamm on MTV. I never watched that kind of crap before that and never after. LOL Must be the baby.

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