sleep, optional.

Kale has been on soy for 1/2 a week now.  I suspect the gas is better, but still not at an optimal level.  (Optimal level = mama gets 3-4 hours of sleep IN a ROW at night.)  He’s still a little fussy, but much happier.

Yesterday was a day of firsts.  He made what sounded like a coo and another sound that sounds like, “meebah” or “mawa”  he was asleep, so I asked him to repeat himself and well, he didn’t. Clearly he has that whole free will thing going on.

Today we adventured out and ran some errands.  I discovered Costco has rocking prices on formula so we hit them up.  Note to self, do not go to Costco when tired, hungry and on maternity leave-you will spend more money that you should in one place and come home with extra things. (Gucamole I can’t eat, turkey meatballs, jelly bellies & a 36 pack of Pepsi.)

Welp, kid is crying, time to go.

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