with child, except he’s like out.

It’s interesting to see how people respond to babies.  Some people ignore them, others, well others make me nervous because they come very close.  Too close in fact.  I worry they will try to touch the child.  Who does that?  Who touches a stranger’s baby?  So far, we’ve managed to keep the tatter safe and out of the clutches of random filthy people, but occasionally they hover..and when they do, my heart speeds up and I start thinking it’s defense time and wonder why I didn’t pack a sharp stick in the diaper bag (along with the Desitin and gas drops I won’t leave the house without).

The consensus is that we have a cute kid.  I think we’re mighty damn lucky.  We’d often joke when I was pregnant that we’d ship the kid back if he was ugly or stupid.  So far we’re doing pretty good. But, I can’t take any credit for the cuteness, I blame his father. And well, I think he’s adorable. However, I’m pretty biased, I’ve never met a mother who said, “my kid, my kid is ugly..”

Other things:


  • The kid is now on soy formula. It seems to be an improvement, but there’s still some lingering fussiness and gas.  I’m hoping that goes away.  It’s hard to watch your kid suffer and feel helpless.  
  • The kid is starting to unfold, he now extends his limbs and flails them about.  Great for cuddling, not so great when he’s upset and unhappy as limbs tend to fly about.
  • He likes car rides.
  • He loves to eat.
  • He’s gaining weight.  I’m very happy about that.  We were up a lot last night and I was looking at photos of him when he came home, it nearly made me (ok, so it did) cry to see how skinny and tiny he was at birth.  Michael assures me he is fine/was fine and that my not eating all those weeks didn’t harm him.  I still feel guilty about it.  I’m just happy he’s healthy and doing well.  
  • I can’t stop adoring him.
  • I’ve decided my family is crazy and I’m ok with Cheeto not having a close relationship with them.  I’ve also decided my mother has a personality disorder, I don’t know how I missed it before but she’s so self absorbed that I wanted to throw a brick at her and lock the door.  
  • I’m excited to exercise.  
  • I’m remarkably surprised that I’m looking forward to the surgery.  I’m not looking forward to being poked or staying in the hospital because I don’t want to spend another night without the baby, but some things are necessary & it will be nice to eat solids again.
  • I’ve decided that once I’m clear for all foods I’m getting myself a nice ham sandwich and some chips.  There will also be some sushi and Guinness consumption.
  • Sleep deprivation makes for a grumpy existence. 
  • It’s wonderful to have tea again.  I’ve been gorging on tea.
  • And Citizen Cope.


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