• I read about some ultra religious group who believes having kids equals creating “God’s army.”  It scared me.  The women in the group are expected to be breeders and essentially bow down to the men.  I’m thankful I wasn’t born into that horde.
  • Having a baby has rekindled some thoughts about womens rights and womens lives.
  • I’m grateful for friends.  Someone gave us a Moby and I got to try it out today.  I’m wearing it looking for excuses to take Kale on a trip.  But, I suspect he wants to stay home and rest, he’s battling gas again today, but he’s much happier and is napping.
  • Another friend sent us a Salish cradle board/bag, it’s very, very beautiful. Thank you E., it warmed my heart to pull it out of the box.  I put him in it this morning and thought about how exciting it will be to show him how small he was when he’s older and show him the bag. 
  • I made a couple of wire rings, it’s the first time I’ve done anything crafty in weeks, it felt good.
  • A friend invited me to see a chick flik with her tonight.  I’m excited to go, but I know I’ll miss my BC men when I’m out.  
  • I’m trying really hard not to worry about money while I’m not working, but thoughts keep creeping up.
  • I’m also feeling very grateful that I can spend this time with Kale.  He’s so adorable right now.  Every day he gets bigger and does new things.  Motherhood is very consuming, but also very rewarding.  I imagine it’ll only get more challenging and better.
  • I’ve been very camera happy since getting my fancy new google phone, photos are here.

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