The newness-post from 1/5/09

In high school my best friends and I would create New Years resolutions.  Since then I’ve had blogs and collected things along the way, but I rarely get past March with my resolutions still in tow.  It’s not that I abandon them, they just kind of become part of the master plan-if they’ve made it that far, other wise they get dumped.  

One that has been on the list for many years is the marathon.  I say that I want to do one.  I’ve trained for one.  I’ve been given one.  I’ve even bought one on my own.  I’ve gone as far as to read training books, measure meals in terms of their marathon training value and purchased the “right” shoes, watches and bras to ensure I was on track.  However, I’ve never actually completed one.  Yet, the idea of it still lingers.

The NP I work with told me about the Russian Olympic marathoners being “encouraged” to get pregnant to help their training. The idea was that they’d train through (though reduced) the pregnancy, have the baby then go on to be even better athletes because of the strength and flexibility they’d acquire from having a baby.  I told him that I want to test that theory.  I mean think about it-if I can push this kid out, I can totally run a marathon.

Here’s the funny part.  I was a long distance runner from the ages of 12 to about 20.  Even in college I regularly ran 3+ miles a day.  I loved running.  It feels good.  It’s one of my loves in life.  It feels spiritual for me.  Not to mention I love the high afterwards and the sore muscles.  I love being able to cover ground, wear down shoes & feel my chest expand.  I feel real.  I feel grounded and something inside of me clicks.

My grandmother and I talk about running when I see her.  It’s her barometer for how I’m doing emotionally, spirtually and physically.  If I’m not running, I usually doing yoga.  It’s the only thing I can compare it to, but it’s different. 

Back to resolutions: I don’t know if this is the year.  Seeing as how I’m 8 months pregnant, I doubt I’m going to be climbing on any treadmills to run or hitting the Papago trails, but I like the idea of running to acclimate to my body after Cheeto comes out.  And well, those Russians might be onto something.  Maybe I just needed to have a baby before I could get myself to the start line of a marathon.  


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