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So, I caught something, something disgusting and well, something that knocked my butt around.  I suppose it was only a matter of time before I caught a cold, but let me tell you this cold, this cold has been a real jerk to get rid of.  The last couple of days were pretty bad and last night we spent the evening being shuffled place to place at the IHS before they shoved us to OB triage and they told us 1) I was dehydrated 2) was having contractions because of 1.  So, they banana packed me and gave the fetus and I a shot of what felt like crack.  

What followed was a series of strange, but calming events.  First, the contractions (that I was not feeling-I blame the body aches/cold) went away, my heart raced and my abdomen/legs began to twitch and jitter.  It was very eerie and exorcist-like.  Michael (once the shock of possibly having our kid early wore off) laughed about it & we both wished our phones could record video. 

Fortunately, the liquid crack (I still have no idea what it was) worked & it stopped labor.  Frankly, the night before I was so miserable and sick I was ok with delivery, but when faced with the possibility, I changed my tune.  I didn’t want to have the kid because I was sick, but because he’s ready to be born.

I’d like the kid to cook the remaining 4-5 weeks.  But, the reality is, whenever he’s ready, we’ll deliver him.  I’m just glad my cervix wasn’t open last night.  

So, today I’m home from work again and working on eating/drinking.  It’s been over day or so since I’ve had any solid food and that’s not good for either of us.  I just had what was probably the best tasting apple sauce of my life & I’m hoping it sticks.  I think it’s funny how when deprived of something basic you appreciate what you’d normally take for granted.  I’m looking forward to drinking a full cup of fluid and not gagging it back up.  

I feel optimistic and I’m planning to go back to work tomorrow.  I figure-If I’m sick while there, I can always pack up and come home.  Besides, the baby shower is this weekend & I’m really looking forward to seeing some of our friends.  


I’ve been re-reading some the earlier posts I wrote-it’s amazing to look back and see how much things have changed and how far along we’ve come.  Cheeto is pretty big right now-at last estimate the doc said he’s about 4.5 lbs & expected to gain at least 4 more in the next few weeks.  The doc said he could get up to 10 lbs, (which I shuddered at), but we’re thinking around 8-8.5lbs. I’m not worried about size, after all it’s my birth canal he’s going to fly through.  I’m just hoping my being sick these last few days hasn’t put a damper in his growth.

In terms of activity, he’s very active.  He tends to be pretty quiet at night, unless I’m up and moving alot and he gets to moving and kicking to let me know what side he prefers I lie.  He kicks and squirms frequently and sometimes I joke that my belly looks like a small ocean with a creature underneath.  Sometimes he gets hiccups and I can feel his tummy/chest moving as it constricts. 

We can normally feel around and make out knees/elbows and if we’re feeling fiesty we push and he’ll push back.  

He responds to his dad’s voice.  When Michael talks to him at night, he kicks and moves back.  It’s pretty cute.  I’m looking forward to what it’s like when the tatter is out of the womb & they can communicate openly.

I keep thinking about what the baby will look like.  Some days I still can’t believe we’re this close to having our baby.  

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