terms I don’t understand:

Starter wife/Starter marriage.

Holy war:  Isn’t a war by it’s very nature, ahem, unholy.  I just told Michael this and he reference a particular church and the concept of Jihad.  Yes, I know, but I do not understand.  It’s like saying: I only smoke crack at night in the closet-the rest of the day, I’m a good parent-my kids don’t see me smoking the crack-what’s the big deal?  Really?  You could have fooled me  I can’t wrap my head around this one either: God told me to kill all those people, who was I to question that?  Right.  That doesn’t fit into my system of logic or spirtuality.  Then again, my grandfather, father & uncle were in the military.  What’s the difference between a government telling people to kill other people and God?  Philosophically speaking, I suppose it sounds better to say something divine told us to do it versus-yeah, I’m just along for the ride.  

I went to yoga again this morning and was reading some things about harmony, justice, etc.  And, well, I live in a state where there are obvious dynamics of power but sometimes, sometimes I just wonder.  

We’re listening to Pandora & New Soul just came on, Michael is singing along.  I think I better stop this blog here and bob my head along to the tune.  Life is short, enjoy the present.  (Even if things confuse you..) Also, there’s more spanish rice waiting for the fetus and I.




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