head banging.

Seriously, the headaches have got to stop.  But, I know for at least another couple of months-they won’t.  My allergies are bad and I’m congested a lot.  I snore.  I can’t smell.  I’m taking some allergy meds now, but they aren’t helping.  To combat the head aches I’m supposed to take tylenol (no more than 3 a day) and suck it up.  I’m pretty good at sucking it up, years of playing sports and being told what to do and how to do will do that to a gal.  But, sometimes it makes me irritable.  Very.  I take a shower and my head still feels like someone used it to hammer nails into a coffin.  And then I take tylenol and wait for the tension to ease. Then I wait some more.  Sometimes (frequently) the head ache comes back later and I mumble to myself about whether I’ll just live with it or take another tylenol and hope it lasts until I go to bed. 

It’s not dehydration, I drink plenty of water.  It’s not hunger, I eat like a small whale that just left a picnic.  My doc thinks it’s the increased blood flow/allergies thereby resulting in congestion.  I think it’s just a big fat pain in the ass.

Oh, and while I’m complaining, my feet are swollen.  For the last few days I’ve waken up with them swollen.  Sometimes they get less swollen, but there’s nothing I can do.  Yesterday I got a pedicure.  The nail tech was fabulous.  She let me sit and soak for several minutes with the massage chair on high.  No chit chat, no “what’s your color” talk, just me, the hot rushing water on my feet and the chair rubbing the weight from my shoulders.

When she came back, I was in a better mood.  Happy that I decided to get the toes rubbed, scrubbed and polished.  She groomed my feet and the leg/foot massage began.  It was fantastic.  Beyond fantastic.  She joked about my swollen feet, “not too bad, 8 months is worse..”  I laughed.  Probably true.  And she kept massaging.  And the chair kept massaging.  I was so relaxed, I started to slide off the chair and had to readjust myself a few times, we laughed and she kept rubbing.

The other techs started chattering about.  “What are you having?”  A boy.  “We knew it, you hold him in front, girls, girls are wide and all over..”  She gestured with her hand showing me girth and giggling.  I smiled, thankful I didn’t look pregnant with a girl.  But really, I was just thankful to feel good, to feel pampered, to feel pretty.  I’m such a girl.

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