Happy Holidays!

Christmas is over.  Boo.  Santa, well technically Michael-was good to me this year.  I got a new laptop!  I’m still getting used to it.  Right now I’m streaming music from pandara, have multiple windows open and not a whirring, freezing or sluggish load has occurred.  My other laptop was of the desklaptop breed (ie.. from the land of the lost) and it was painful and time consuming to try to do anything on it.  I lost the hard drive a few months ago, Michael got it running again, but I did lose a ton of photos and most of my music collection.  It helps to have a technology savvy fiance around who can do things like create backups and who knows what’s happening.  I tend to look at something and go-oh, there’s an error.  Hmmm.  Tricky, guess I better turn it off, cross my fingers and come back to it later.  Evidently, that doesn’t cure computer problems. 

We spent early, early Christmas morning with the BC’s as they stopped by and we opened presents and visited for a few hours.  They left to Palm Springs and Michael and I went to bed.  It was nice to see them and to have people around.  I’m glad we got to open our gifts together.

As for my family, I think they had a good Christmas filled with snow, too much food and some tv.  Of course my mother has called & left voicemail three times today to report it is snowing and her typical “I’ve been calling you..”  in other words, why the heck hasn’t her dang daughter returned her call yet?  Yeah, sorry ma.  We saw Despereaux yesterday and I neglected to turn my phone back on.

As for the fetus, he’s doing good.  We had our last prenatal exam last week.  The doctor had good things to say and gave us the run down on the last few weeks.  In two weeks, if I got into labor, we’re delivering the kid.  Anytime before that they’ll try to stop labor at least for a couple days to give Cheeto’s lungs some time to acclimate, ie..he’s getting some steroids.  I’m rooting for a post Valentine’s day labor/delivery.  I’ve had a few conversations with him & so far he’s on board.  But I’ve also been told by everyone else-“yeah, good luck with that miss planner..he’s gonna come when he’s ready, so just stop trying to plan too much.”

Fortunately, the nursery is ready.  We’ve got the crib set up, his clothes are washed and & thanks to Michael’s sister we already have a breast pump.  Everything else has slowly fallen into place.  Last weekend at Costco I found a cart cover kit with a changing pad & diaper bag, so I picked it up.  They had a rebate on it that made it irresistible despite him not needing the cart cover for some time. 

I did manage to make it to prenatal yoga this week and was very glad that I did.  There was only one other woman there aside from the sub instructor, who was also pregnant.  It was nice to get some deliberate exercise and streching in; however, I most enjoyed the focal breathing and the unwind at the end.  I came home feeling tired but refreshed and my shoulders lost their tension. 

I’m hoping to make it a regular part of my weekly routine.  In a couple of weeks we also start our child birth classes and I have a breastfeeding class at the end.  A good friend gave us what to expect in the first year for Christmas, so I’ve also been reading that in addition to the pediatric nursing book my co-worker loaned me that I skim at work.

I’ve found myself fantacizing about what it’ll be like to have Cheeto around and spend time with him.  I also had the epiphany last week that if we had another baby (there we go with the horse running off with the cart) that Cheeto would be a big brother.  I have this fear that his childhood will be fleeting and in 10 years I’ll be standing at the grocery store saying, “you were once that small..”  So, to combat that, I’m hoping to be present with him as much as possible.

Things I am looking forward to:

  • His first Christmas.
  • Him sitting in the Mini on our of our many Mini runs/trips.
  • Him beginning to talk and ask questions.
  • Seeing him the first time.
  • Making cookies together.
  • Catching him singing in the shower like I’ve heard his father do when he thought I was asleep.

Anyhow, there’s much to think about and many things to look foward to.  I’ll just have to wait.

Random preggo sx: heartburn has returned, but it’s treatable and tends to last less than it did in the first trimester.  Feeling tired, but that’s to be expected with a fetus getting bigger each day.  Swollen feet.  Some mood swings and irritability.

The pregnancy has been going back quickly.  I can’t believe we have less than 2 months before our due date.. stayed tuned.





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