We’ve been running around like chickens..you know..

  • Michael won an award at the Mini Cooper dealership bbq car show.  He was even in the paper, lucky duck.  I’m so proud of him. He loves working on Sanbient and it’s nice to have some validation for his hobby/love.
  • I’ve been super tired and crabby lately.
  • I haven’t had a hot dog in over a week.  I was going to get a Chicago Dog at Luke’s after work, but the idea of driving in traffic was too much.  Besides, my comfort level is hard to accommodate these days.
  • We haven’t decided what we’re doing for Christmas yet.  The BC’s are traveling through town tomorrow, I half wish we could join the caravan, but I don’t know about sitting in a car for 6 hours and being around a cat.  (We’re both super allergic.)
  • I haven’t done much Christmas shopping.  The things I have bought for people are toiletries/make-up.  I don’t know why and I can’t find anything for Michael.
  • I feel somewhat guilty that I haven’t found anything for him, but there’s no way I’m going to the mall & his whole, “surprise me” mentality isn’t working for me.  I hope he’s not disappointed on Christmas. 
  • I told friends about the bullet above, their response has been, “you’re growing his baby, that should be plenty.”  True.  But, how do you package that?  Should I maybe put a bow on my belly Christmas morning with a label-“open in 2 months..”
  • It’s getting cooler here, lots more rain, it’s nice but it makes me want to be at home.
  • Michael has the next 1.5 weeks off.  I have Christmas and the day after off.  I’m not complaining, but I wish I had more time. 
  • Since I’m not qualified for FMLA I had a bit of freak out yesterday after being told again that HR would not like me taking so much time off; right now I’m looking at 8 weeks.  I’ve had to really scale back my expectations and try not to get overwhelmed by it.  I even caught myself wondering if I had known I was pregnant if I was have changed jobs-I would have gotten FMLA and super discount child care at my old job.  Except, it was really a boring bad job & they micromanaged the hell out of everyone.  So, I probably would have left-but fantasizing is nice.
  • I’m struggling with this idea:  I’m supposed to leave my newborn at home to go to work to deal with mental health issues for other people. 
  • However, despite all of this, I’m trying really hard to remember, it’ll all work out.  I have all the tools I need. 

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