10 weeks until the kid hatches.  I’m enthralled with the idea of him being born, but at the same time thinking-whoa-already?  It feels like it’s gone by quickly, but it couldn’t have because I remember hovering over a toilet bowl not so long ago and wearing non-maternity clothes.

My back has been hurting.  I want to use the word epic here, but that sounds cheesy.

I woke up about 6 times to pee last night.  It was very reminescent of the end of the first trimester.  I thought, “oh geez, not this again.”  Of course, each time I woke up I swore our fetus was kicking me and saying, “yo, can we got some cereal or something, I’m hungry..”

At work, the docs reminded me of their work schedules and joked about which days were better to hatch my kid at work.  I again told them I wasn’t planning to have this kid at work.  But, I’d like to work up until I’m ready to deliver.  I wonder if I’m being too ambitious. 

I finally got us scheduled for some child birth classes.  Again, at the advice of the docs at work.  I was starting to think maybe I didn’t need to go. 

I want to exercise badly.  I want to play basketball and run through a field.  The closest I get is a brisk walk to the kitchen at work to get a spoon for yogurt or to refill my water bottle.  I still miss Sprite.  Michael tells me I can have juice or soda once in a while, but it feels wrong.  So, I skid by with the occasional cup of orange herbal tea and some fuzzy water. 

I’m feeling ultra grateful to Gina for collecting tons of clothing for the kid and giving me some maternity clothes.  It’s so nice to have a bigger selection of shirts! And Dre-thanks for the capris.

So, all my whining last week was for nothing.  This last week we’ve been so busy visiting people and being loved on that I can’t complain.  I shouldn’t complain.  I blame my hormones.

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