Clearly, the belly is no longer flat.

I felt like I was going to tip over at work.  People kept smiling at me.  I know I’m not that big, but even my prego shirts are starting to roll up on their own.

This is what my stomach looked liked a couple years ago. Ok, maybe it was three years ago.  I’ve started to wonder what my body will look like after Cheeto hatches.

I’ve always been fairly slim.  I’ve never had a real roll.  I blame good genes and a fondness for activity.  I used to joke that I won the skinny genetic lottery, that didn’t go over well with people, so I stopped talking about it.

Ironically, in high school I was considered too skinny and boys ignored me.  (At least I think they did.)  However, there was also my father and his giant flash light to content with.

It feels like our fetus is getting bigger every day.  I’m hungry all the time.  I snore.  I itch.  I’m sleepy when I shouldn’t be.  But, I’m still pretty happy about it all.  A co-worker remarked that I was a cute pregnant lady and told me that I looked happy.  She also said I made pregnancy look like a good thing and talked about how you see lumbering sad pregnant women & it made you feel sorry for them.  It was a nice compliment.  And yes, I feel sorry for lumbering sad pregnant women too.  Pregnancy is tough in some ways but it also have many benefits.  (The outcome is pretty awesome.) 

Of note: today I started chewing gum again.  It’s been a long time since I’ve regularly chewed gum because it made me sick to my stomach.

Now back to my regularly scheduled routine: dinner, bad tv, some reading and maybe a bath.


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