List time.

  • Today at work, I waddled, there was nothing I could do about it.
  • I also relapsed and drank half a root beer, I was out of water and coughing-what was I supposed to do?
  • My hormones are raging.  It’s hard for me not feel like crying one moment, feeling like yelling (with no cause) and then wanting to nap the next moment.  I hope this is normal.
  • I’ve started to miss my family, alot.  Missing them is not good, because then I’ll want to visit them and I’m still boycotting visiting them because I thought I’d at least get a pity/curiosity visit since I’m with child.  I don’t think I can sit in a car for 6 hours.
  • I had a crazy dream the other night where I was getting married and didn’t know I was getting married.  It was an ultra complex situation, I also had two boyfriends. 
  • In real life, I’ve never had two boyfriends.  However, I have dated several men at once. 
  • I think my head looks weird now that I’m pregnant.  I think I need to get some more contacts and stop wearing my glasses all the time. 
  • And, I need to start ironing my work pants.  Today I saw my reflection at work and thought, “who is that waddling pile of clothes?”
  • Although, apparently the fetus gives me permission to ignore typical style rules.  Two people told me at lunch they thought I could get away with wearing my capris with long holiday themed socks. 
  • Today I also fantasized about getting my PhD.  Except I can’t really make sense of what having one would get me.  I think I’m addicted to learning.  Maybe I need to take a class or something. I wonder if it would be stupid to enroll in a class next semester knowing I’ll have to miss a few to hatch this kid.
  • I’ve considered eloping so I can stop wearing my engagement ring and get a wedding band. 

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