They say 23.

That’s right, one preggo site says I have 125 more days to go, which means I’m 23 weeks. Seriously, counting isn’t that hard, but I tend to lose count.  All I know is come February, this kid is coming out & hopefully it’s one of those ultra rare smooth deliveries I’ve heard wives tales about.

So, today is work day two of my vacation.  So far, I have accomplished, well, very little.  Yesterday I lounged around, thought about doing things and didn’t.  I did manage to get the grocery shopping done and I made some beef stew and rock biscuits for dinner.  I don’t know what compelled the biscuits, but at the time, it was a great idea.  I watched Babette’s Feast and Salem’s Lot & whined around for Michael to come home.  He did, with a gift!  Cheeto’s dresser!

So, post dinner, he put it together and I sat there and rambled on and on about things that I was scared of as a kid (the tree outside my window on a full moon) and jumping off the second tier diving board at the public pool in the summer.  Cheeto didn’t like the hammering so much, whenever Michael had to hammer he’d kick up a storm.  When the dresser was finished, I scrambled into bed and we did our nightly routine: put dvd in dvd player, rearrange pillows, brush teeth and set tv sleep timer.  I went to bed with the random shrieks of vampires from 30 days of Night.  Very maternal.

A little bit ago I was hit with a queesy attack, very first trimesterish.  I’m hoping it’s something I ate, or maybe I got up too quick, but I still feel funny.  It might be the allergies conjuring up another sinus infection attack.  I’ve had the nightly post nasal drip, head pressure and this morning I did wake up with a head ache, but I’m pretending all is well.  Besides the doc will tell me what they told me before, chill out, rest, drink lots of fluid.  So, I tried to lie down but couldn’t and instead, got up, ate 2 cookies and made some ginger tea.  I’m hoping that does the trick so I can go meet Michael for lunch and do the things on my to do list today.

Anyhow, I was going to blog about how I’ve been reading mom blogs and one I like is readily researching this product or item, etc.  And, well it got me to thinking-I haven’t really done that.  That seems a bit too far on the anxious side for me.  If I unleash that beast, I’ll be like the lady at Babys R Us who I overheard saying, “I can’t decide, I really need to go home and look at consumer reports first…”  They were looking at walkers.

Seriously, I know there are safety issues everywhere, but that’s why you watch your friggin kid.  Right?  I know, we lack the eyes on the back of our heads.  But, I’m going to bolt the cupboards, close the doors, etc.  I just didn’t realize I needed to be researching strollers and walkers, etc, etc.  It seems like it never ends.  It’s bad enough the NP gave me a list of “foods to buy organic” at my last prenatal apmt.  Or is there some ship that has sailed and I’ve been too busy watching vampire movies and eating cookies to notice?  I don’t know.  Either way, I’m not equipped to go there right now.  I’m not even planning to buy a stroller until the kid is semi-mobile.  I’m going to carry the sucker and if I can’t carry him Michael will and if Michael can’t carry him, well, we’re staying home.  Safeway still does home delivery don’t they? 

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