We had our ultrasound..

And we’re having a boy!  It’s been a very strange and exciting day for us.  We’ve been waiting for the last few weeks and hoping along the way that we’d be able to tell the gender of our little bundle. 

The ultrasound process was pretty interesting, fortunately, the jelly was heated, so that helped.  But, our little Cheeto was rolled up into a ball and wouldn’t let the technician measure him for length.  She poked, prodded and tried to manuver around him, but he wouldn’t budge.  At one point she said, “he’s not letting me take a good look at him.”  I focused on the use of he and wondered if she meant he in the general sense or he the boy.

After a few minutes of trying, she gave up and went to get my, “husband” Michael in the waiting room.  (The hospital doesn’t allow family in during the offical ultrasound, but afterwards the family can come in and take a look at the baby.) Our baby still held strong, rolled into a ball with his arms up around his head.  He was not happy about our peep session.  Shirley asked if we wanted to know the sex, triumphantly we said yes, and she pushed down and around and the screen was pretty clear.  Nested between two little legs was a little sack, very clearly male. 

Shirley still tried to get him to open up and let us take a better look (& measure him for length), but the most he did was move his head around.  At one point she pushed so much into him trying to nudge him I started laughing, and we watched as our baby bounced up and down-I imagined him in a boat being moved by the waves of the ocean. 

Michael and I have joked all along that we were going to have a boy because we’ve struggled to come up with male names.  I think Michael also enjoyed the idea of having a girl, the methaphor daddy’s girl rings true on many levels for him.  But this baby is still a mircle of sorts.  I know people have babies every day, but we don’t have a baby everyday. 

After the ultrasound we were a bit stunned-in a good way.  Every bit of pregnancy is a process.  Just when you think you’ve acclimated to one element, another one is layered over that one making it that much more complex.

After our ultrasound we had our prenatal appointment.  While we waited we began texting our family and friends spreading the news.  I joked with one friend that our baby was already stubborn.  She responded that he wasn’t stubborn, he just didn’t like having his boy bits on screen for all to see.  I retored, “true, a therapist’s child indeed.”

As the texts and calls continued, we got called in for our appointment.  I haven’t had a consistant provider for my prenatal care, today we had midwife number three.  After our appointments, every one has given me a card telling me to schedule appointments with them, but when I call and ask for them, I get another person.  The woman I saw today was warm and she let Michael record the baby’s heartbeat.  I think I’ll continue my care with her.  She even gave me handout about which fruits and veggies to buy organic, which rocks.

But, she did tell me to eat more.  I haven’t gained any weight since my last appointment.  I feel like I have, but the scale evidenly isn’t reflecting that.  I feel like I’m eating like a horse, but clearly my horse needs more grain. 

For the babe’s ultrasound pics and to see the video of the heartbeat, click here.

I have to feed our Cheeto BC.


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