We heard..

The heartbeat!  I was remarkable.  Seriously, it’s hard to describe hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  I’m so glad Michael was there with me.  It just further fermented that we’re having a baby.  Additionally, we got our due date, February 25th.  Michael’s rooting for a girl born on Valentine’s day.  I’m still rooting for healthy twins.  But, I’ll settle for healthy baby.

It was a surreal experience.  Before we got to hear the heartbeat, I had to change into the annoying paper outfit and get felt up before the midwife pulled out the machine, squeezed some cold jelly on me and bam!  As soon as she touched it to me the thumping began, she joked that she hit it right on.  My mind was racing as I struggled to comprehend that it was the baby that I’ve been thinking, talking and joking about that we were listening to.  After that she did the physical exam including the dreaded pap smear and she felt up my utertus.  “11-12 weeks..”  She said there was plenty of room for the baby, “if it doesn’t get too big.”  I thought, “I hope not too big..yipes, it’s gotta come out.” 

Unfortunately, the first midwife I saw didn’t schedule my ultrasound & it being Friday, they were gone already.  I have to call to schedule that and we probably won’t get to see the kid until next month.  However, it was great to hear the heartbeat.  It makes the toilet hugging all that much more endearing.

Randomly related:

Today at work we had a going away cake/party for a co-worker and of course the baby came up.  The zipper on my hippie peace sweater is broken.  My boss joked it was because of my incredible expanding belly.  At 3 months I have a small balloon under my shirt.  Then he offered to loan me his XL Lakers down coat to keep the fetus warm.  I laughed as I scarfed down some chocolate cake.

The afternoon (between clients) was filled with baby talk.  One of the ladies in the reception/intake area had a baby 5 months ago and she kept “predicting” what I’d be having.  It seems everyone has a theory about what I’m having, well everyone but me.  I joked with her, “is it a gerbil?”  She was like, “no, take back the girl prediction, I think it’s a boy..well it’s 50-50..”  Then we talked about the 6% statistic that I read somewhere about a boy being that much more likely.  And then we talked about names, clothing, food aversions, etc.

Another co-worker and I talked about it being a club of sorts.  There’s the, “I’m single and carefree” club.  Of course when you’re in the club that’s not what you’re thinking and frankly you don’t really care, but once you’re with child, you’re in the “something is greater than me, I’m a mamma” club.  I remarked that it seemed true.  I feel more connected to other moms and women in general that I have in the past.  Most of my conversations are about the kid. 

I once worried that I’d be baby obsessed and well, it’s not hard when everyone else is also baby obsessed.  Nature really comes out when you’re expecting.  And, well, I’m not complaining.  The kid consumes much of my time and thoughts, especially since I feel like I’m a passenger in my body-so at least I get to talk about it.


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